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Terry Taylor Automotive Group

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Terry Taylor is the most successful private owner of automobile dealerships in the United States. He established Automotive Management Services Inc. and serves as the company’s CEO. Automotive Management Services Inc. owns and manages a network of over 115 dealerships located all across the United States.

Terry Taylor Autofair

Since the 1960s, Taylor has been working in the automobile industry, and since then, his company has grown to become one of the top 10 private enterprises in Florida, with yearly sales that may reach up to $20 billion. Because of his reputation for being reserved and private, it is unusual to see him in public settings. He does not put his name on his dealerships, and he is not someone who readily shares knowledge. Although he is involved in certain dealerships with business partners like Felix Sabates, owner of a racing car team, he is mostly a private person.

AutoFair Automotive Group

In 2021, Terry Taylor made the acquisition of AutoFair Automobile Group, which at the time was one of the biggest automotive dealership groups in the Southeast. To buy the seven businesses that comprise AutoFair Automotive Group, Taylor obtained finance in the amount of $38.2 million from a total of three separate lenders. He wishes to remain anonymous and has built a reputation for purchasing dealerships in a covert and sneaky manner. He does not want to bring attention to himself.

Taylor is the biggest private owner of automotive dealerships in the whole country. In addition to this, he shies away from the spotlight, avoiding public appearances as well as pictures and interviews.

Here's what AutoFair Automotive Group says about themselves

We at the AutoFair Automotive Group want to thank you for visiting our site. We hope to exceed your every expectation, whether you’re considering a new or pre-owned vehicle or looking to service your current car. At AutoFair you can feel confident you’ll be getting our lowest price for your new vehicle every day. 
AutoFair is proud to be part of the New England community and we greatly value our long relationships with our customers, who we’re pleased to call members of the AutoFair family. At AutoFair we treat you like family. Our experienced sales and service staff are eager to share its knowledge and expertise with you. 

Automotive Management Services Telephone

+ 1 (503) 492-3801

Automotive Management Services Address

7600 SE Johnson Creek Blvd Ste 201, Portland, Oregon, 97206, United States

Autofair Ford, Manchester, NH

Autofair Honda, Manchester, NH

Autofair Hyundai, Manchester, NH

Autofair Genesis, Manchester, NH

Autofair Nissan, Stratham, NH

Autofair Ford, Haverhill MA

Autofair Subaru, Haverhill MA

Autofair Toyota, Tewksbury MA

Autofair VW Nashua NH

Autofair Manchester Collision Center, Manchester NH

Frequently asked questions about Terry Taylor

How many car dealerships does Terry Taylor own?

It is believed that Terry Taylor has around 115 vehicle dealerships located across the United States. According to Automotive News from 2016, there were around one hundred Taylor dealerships, 43 of which were located in the state of Florida.

He operates dealerships around the Gulf Coast, beginning in Naples and continuing northward, as well as along the Atlantic Coast, beginning in South Florida and continuing northward to Jacksonville.

Does Terry Taylor own Gary Yeomans Ford?

There is no truth to the rumor that Terry Taylor owns Gary Yeomans Ford. The Gary Yeomans car group includes a dealership in Daytona Beach, Florida known as Gary Yeomans Ford. Gary Yeomans Ford is a member of the Gary Yeomans auto group.

What type of philanthropic activities does Terry Taylor and his local dealerships support?

Terry Taylor and the local dealerships he owns are generous individuals who contribute to a wide range of charities. They have been admitted into the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County’s Admirals Club, which is reserved for those who contribute at least $50,000 annually, as well as the Dream Makers Society, which is reserved for individuals who donate at least one million dollars.

Additionally, the Taylors are supporters of the Schiff Center for Liver Diseases at the University of Miami, which features research facilities that are named for the Taylors. In addition, they have been contributors to a number of organizations and causes, including the United Way, the Children’s Hospital Foundation of South Florida, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County.

What are the benefits of working for Terry Taylor Automotive Group?

The Terry Taylor Automotive Group provides its employees with a variety of advantages, such as competitive compensation, a generous vacation policy, a flexible work schedule, health insurance, and retirement savings programs.

In addition to this, workers may take advantage of a wide range of employee discounts and exclusive deals. In addition, Terry Taylor Automotive Group provides possibilities for professional advancement, such as mentorship and training programs, for anyone interested in working with the company.

What is the interview process like at Taylor Automotive Group?

An initial phone interview, followed by a video interview, and an in-person interview are the three main types of interviews that are normally conducted throughout the interview process at Taylor Automotive Group. An HR professional may ask you questions about your previous job experience, talents, and general credentials while conducting the interview over the phone.

The questions asked in the video interview will often be of the multiple-choice or short-answer kind. Last but not least, there is the in-person interview, which is often led by the manager in charge of recruiting and may include a group of interviewers. In addition to questions about your experience and credentials, the interviewer (or interviewers) may also ask you questions on your behavior.