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CamPark – Dash Cam

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Dashcam by CamPark

Brand Motto is and will always be - "Capture Moments. Capture Life."

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If you spend a lot of time on the road, it’s wise to invest in a dashboard camera. This will help you keep track of any cars that may have caused an accident. Campark Dash Cam, for example, is a camera with an impressive 87-degree viewing angle and 1080p resolution.

Many people use a Campark Dash Cam to protect themselves and their vehicle from pricey tickets. A Campark Dash Cam records your journey and will provide footage of the accident if there is one. 

If you were in an accident, it can be used as evidence to prove your point of view if necessary. Finally, it may be good for security as well as you can always look back at your home’s video feed and see what was going on when you were away.

The Campark Dash Cam is a tiny device that attaches to your windshield and records all of the happenings on the road in front of you. This camera is wireless and records 720P HD video, so there won’t be any missed details. 

It will automatically start recording when you turn on your car and will continue filming until you turn off your car. The dash cam plugs into an outlet in your car which means no worrying about battery life!

If you want to keep track of all your car journeys and you want to make sure they are captured in the best quality possible, then a cam park dash camera is the perfect option for you. 

Dash cams start as low as $50- and might be more expensive depending on what kind of features and accessories that come with it.

About Campark

Campark was formed in 2008 with the goal of developing a line of action cameras, trail cameras, dash cameras, and other related products for camera enthusiasts. Let’s give the world something cool so that they can tour the world with the best Companion! It was a simple concept: We also enjoyed documenting the moments, and that was always the most important aspect. Period. Despite the fact that we had no idea what was about to happen. What began as a small business selling souvenirs at multi-brand outlets quickly grew into a nationwide enterprise with locations around the country.

What do we consider ourselves to be today?

A large portion of Campark’s sales are made through their web store, which has evolved into a highly interactive and rapidly growing online business with a strong emphasis on developing a great brand through engaging content and memorable buying experiences.

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Campark R12 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars 12 inch GPS Voice Control Rear View Dual Lens Dash Camera

Important Features:

1. One of the most important features is that it comes with a solar panel. The body is compact and not bulky, and it is capable of being charged by solar energy and tracking the camera through a USB port that is carried by the camera itself, making it ecologically friendly and energy-saving.
2.4K video and crisper 30MP images are available.

2. You may preview and download photographs from the APP on your smartphone using the WiFi Bluetooth function on your device.

3.It has improved night vision and is waterproof to IP66.

Aspects of the Campark V40 4K/30FPS WiFi Dual Lens Action Camera with 20MP Touch Screen and 40M Waterproofing include:

1.Due to the dual color screen design, you may use this action camera for a variety of activities such as skiing, surfing, mountain biking, and so on.

2.Standout 4K video and 20MP photography

3. By connecting to the “ISmart DV” app on your phone via the built-in Wi-Fi, you will be able to preview films and photographs taken with your camera as well as download, play, and share them.

4.Time-lapse and lengthy recording options are available.

Campark DC40 dash camera with three channels for automobiles 4K 1080p dual channel, 1440p+ 1080p+1080p front inside rear car camera, 1440p+ 1080p +1080p front inside rear car camera.


1. The automobile camera has three channels: a 4K+1080P dual channel, a 1440P+1080P+1080P front inside rear car camera, and a 1080P+1440P front inside rear car camera.

2.The DC40 employs a 170° front camera, a 120° inside camera, and a 140° back camera to record all directions around your automobile at the same time, all at once.

3.Continuous power supply allows you to monitor the state of your vehicle 24 hours a day.

4.Night vision and a Sony camera sensor

Deliver the Best!

Our idea of Delivering the Best has also played a significant role in shaping who we are today. It all started when we were trying to figure out what it was that kept our clients coming back to our online sites. When clients saw the real photographs taken by CAMPARK cameras, the overwhelming response was that they were primarily in amazement at what they had seen!

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