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    Since its inception in 1956, one thing has been constant: performance on the track and street swagger. Everything we do is pushed by it. Our long history in American motorsports shows that we’re never idle, and every American Racing wheel confirms that.

    The 2 channel dash cam records 4K UHD 3840*2160@30fps front and 1920*1080@30fps cabin simultaneously. Provide adequate enough vivid image and video for you make out license plate and street signs in day and night.

    It's called the Torq Thrust.

    The Torq Thrust, one of the most recognizable wheels of all time, was created at that time and is still in use more than 60 years later. In the history of wheel design, the Torq Thrust 5-spoke design is the most sought-after and replicated. The American Racing Torq Thrust has been recognized one of the top 20 speed items that revolutionized the world by Hot Rod Magazine!

    Seen by Many

    From drag racing to desert racing to Trans Am racing, American Racing wheels have been engaged in almost every kind of racing throughout the years. There are a number of wheels that have been utilized by winning racing teams that include the Libre, LeMans, 200S, and Baja. Some of the most well-known TV and movie automobiles of all time have included the wheels, making them a part of common culture. Cars with American Racing wheels feature prominently in films like Bullitt, Dukes of Hazard, Two Lane Blacktop, and more.

    The Thrust of Torque

    American Racing has always been driven by technology and innovation, and these forces are still at work today. Forged aluminum wheels have replaced magnesium wheels, which were cutting-edge technology in their day. The American Racing Forged series is built entirely in the United States and is stronger and lighter than cast equivalents. Using 6061 forged aluminum, the wheels are custom produced to order in a variety of styles and finishes. These wheels are the perfect complement to a well-thought-out automobile because of their precision, robustness, and long history of performance-based innovation.


    Please note, American Racing does not sell directly to the public.


    Customer Service Hours: 8am to 5pm PDT


    Please contact 1-800-959-1969 for all dealer inquiries.


    Please contact Wheel Pros Australia Pty Ltd. at +61 617-3151-4200.

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