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Alloy Wheels; their types and reasons of being popular

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Alloy wheels, their types and reasons of being popular

Alloy wheels are extensively used by most people these days. There are many reasons of it. Let’s discuss, alloy wheels why preferred by most of the people. Basically, alloy wheels are wheels of vehicles like trucks, cars buses and other vehicles. These are made up of alloys of aluminum and magnesium. These wheels are very identical to wheels which are made up of steel. Besides steel wheels, alloy wheels have some additional features, which make the alloy wheels better than all other types of wheels. Alloy wheels have been so much popular since the 2nd half of the 20th century and getting more and more popularity with increase in time.

There are many reasons for this that alloy wheels why preferred by most of the people.   Three main reasons of being much popular out there are listed below:

  • Better performance
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Light in weight

Alloy wheels have gained so much success in all over the world. These days most of the manufacturing companies of cars prefer to use these alloy wheels in the latest models of cars. You can find these alloy wheels in different shapes, colors, materials and sizes.

Types of the alloy automobile wheels which are available in the market these days:

  • 3 Spoke alloy wheels: 3 Spoke alloy wheels are the suitable wheels for small wheels like cars and other smaller vehicles. 3 Spokes equipments became more popular when they were launched in the market. These days, 3 Spoke alloy wheels have become outmoded and not many people buy these types of alloy wheels.
  • 5 & 6 spoke alloy wheels:
    5 & 6 Spoke alloy wheels are so much popular among the people; this is because of the versatile equipments suit almost all types of automobiles. These types of alloy wheels are extensively preferred for larger vehicles.
  • Twin & multi Spoke alloy wheels: This type of Spoke alloy wheels are suitable for luxury cars and sport cars. Installing of 5 or 6 spoke alloy wheels on luxury cars can make cars look a little bit simple & understand. But by installing twin & multi Spoke alloy wheels you can increase the show of the car and can make it very attractive as compared to others. These spoke wheels are very helpful to provide more classy and stylish look.

There are many processes under which these alloy wheels are manufactured. These are discussed below.

Process used to manufacture the alloy wheels:

  • LPDC (low pressure die casting)
  • HPDC (High pressure die casting)
  • Forging and
  • Permanent molding or sand casting (Gravity casting)

There are so many advantages of alloy wheels and so many reasons alloy wheels why purchased by more people?

Light in weight: These alloy wheels are very light in weight than steel wheels. By using these alloy wheels you can unsprung and reduce the mass of automobile. Light weight is an essential part that maintains an optimum contact between wheels and road surface. Light weight is very useful and helpful to provide the better performance, better handling, better balancing and better suspension.