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How To Make Alloy Wheels Out Of Your Steelies The Russian Way –

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How To Make Alloy Wheels Out Of Your Steelies The Russian Way

Almost every new car these days comes equipped with alloy wheels as standard but there are still some entry-level offerings that could be shipped with steelies. If you buy a base 2020 Nissan Versa S, for example, it will come with 15-inch steel wheels and full wheel covers. And if you want 16-inch alloys, you’ll have to upgrade to the Versa SV, which is $2,910 more expensive. Is there a cheaper way? Of course.

One of our favorite YouTube channels, Garage54, has significantly evolved in the last few weeks and its new video is here to offer is a more affordable alternative to OEM or aftermarket alloy wheels. The folks running the channel now have a dedicated studio where they work on their projects – everything seems one step more professional.

Gallery: Vossen DIY wheel

But let’s get to the point – making your dream alloys. For this project, the Russian gurus use a standard steel wheel which goes through several modifications including adding five large spokes and welding them to the wheel’s main body. Then, the inner part of the original wheel is removed and the new rim is painted in black with contrasting silver for the spokes.

Once the DIY Vossen-inspired wheel is finished, it needs to get a matching tire and go through the wheel balancing machine. When all that job is done, it’s finally time to get the rim mounted on the car – and in this case, the vehicle is an old but good-looking Mercedes-Benz 190E. 

How safe is it to drive with a DIY wheel? We won’t recommend it but the good thing is that our Russian friends here go only for a low-speed test drive. The driver even claims he didn’t feel any nasty vibrations or noises so everything looks fine so far and the team can continue building the remaining three wheels of the set

How To Make Alloy Wheels Out Of Your Steelies The Russian Way (